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Lets be honest… As men we are always looking for the best porn that we can find and the days of watching porn on VHS is over. We want it life like and if our face and we all have different likes. Some guys like women in high heels, Some guys like feet, and some guys like two guys on one girl so one thing is for sure we all have different tastes.

On this site we will rate sites that have girls in spandex and workout porn. So if you come across a  site you want us to rate or have any suggestions please drop us a line and email us at Perhaps you will see your suggestion on our site.

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    porno at the gym on the gym ball

    The first site that we ranked is was a premium HD yoga porn site. We thought is was a great site even know they only have 3 videos to choose from (it looks like you can sign up somewhere else) but still it was all what we liked girls in tight pants getting fucked we gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


That has been all of the websites that we have been sent to review so please everybody that comes to our site please send us some other sites to go to so we can  tell you what we think is good and what is not so good.

Next week we will start to go over cos-play porn and the best sites of porn that feature this we will have a special guest writer for this next week so please send us the sites that you like.

Everybody here at would like to say that all the information above is just our opinion. Just because it is listed here on our site it does not mean that we do not like your site. These are just the sites that we  like the best. It could be also that we have not seen your spandex porn site so for consideration please send us a email and  let us take a look at it.


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